Components In Scaffold

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is useful for supporting material and people in the construction or repair of large buildings and structures. A scaffold tower hire winchester is building equipment that is made temporarily and used as a buffer for labor, materials, and tools in building construction work.

The components in one scaffolding, among others:

Diagonal Bracing or Cross Brace
Diagonal bracing is part of the scaffolding equipment which consists of two pipes that cross each other and are connected in the middle which is used as a fastener for each mainframe so that it can stand upright. If the mainframe is connected upwards, bracing can also be used to reduce the bending factor that occurs in standard scaffolding. The way to install bracing is by inserting a pin on each frame into the holes provided on the diagonal bracing and then locking it with bracing locking located on the mainframe.

Main Frame
The mainframe is the main component which consists of various types of sizes. The mainframe has the function of controlling the width and height of the scaffolding. The mainframe can be added on top (vertical direction) if the height of one mainframe is not sufficient for the height of the building and can be added to the side (horizontal direction) if the mainframe width is not sufficient for the building needs.

Brace Locking
The locking brace is located on the mainframe which functions to lock between the cross braces and the mainframe so that they can be tied together.

Adjusted Jack or Jack Base
Adjusted jack is a part of the scaffolding that functions to flatten the height of the scaffolding so that the mainframe stands evenly whose height can be adjusted as needed.

Joint Pin
The joint pin has a function to lock and connect between the main frame and the main frame above it.

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