Japan-made Shimano Fishing Reel That Has Gone Global

Fishing requires qualified equipment to avoid problems. Choosing equipment, especially a fishing reel is also not easy because we also need to be selective. The Shimano fishing reel, which is made in Japan, is often chosen by anglers. It is the best spinning reel for braided line.

For those of you who have recently tried fishing, you will definitely be interested in starting to collect the necessary equipment to support this activity. The reel is one of the equipments that anglers must have, including those of you who are beginners. The reel is a reel or string which is the most important tool when fishing. The reel is useful for making it easier for anglers to throw the bait and attract fish. The brand that anglers can rely on is Shimano. Shimano is a reel brand that is selling well in the market. High quality and resistant to saltwater, this Japanese made reel is better than other brands.

Determining a good fishing rod will give you satisfaction when you use it. This is also true when you buy a reel. Before buying a reel at a cheap price, you must fully understand the important parts of the reel itself. Don’t be afraid to shell out for a reel as the “money, there’s stuff” basically applies to this spinning reel as well. Shimano itself makes reels with the latest technology standards. Using quality materials, Shimano chose Super Magnesium as the body and rotor material so that the reel weight is light but still strong.

The drive gear is the main gear in a fishing reel that determines the resistance of a reel. This section is usually made of materials such as stainless steel, zinc, or aluminum.

Gear ratio is the number of rotations of the rotor in one rotation of the handle. Sticking to the drive gear, when the handle is rotated, the drive gear will rotate the rotor through the pinion gear. The gear ratio can be said to be the ratio of the number of teeth between the drive gear and the pinion gear. For example, if there are 84 drive gear and 16 pinion gear, the gear ratio is 5.2: 1, and the rotor will rotate 5.2 times every time the handle is fully rotated. Using the MicroModule Gear Ⅱ, Shimano designs its sophisticated tooth surfaces with exclusive production technology.

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