The Neutral Color Options But Not Boring

Like fashion, residential interiors also have color trends. This year, several colors were previously considered too catchy, now appearing to be a popular neutral color. This makes people no doubt make it the main color in the interior of the building. Gray was once considered a gloomy color. However, now gray is considered a color that can strengthen the modern and urban impression of your home. To choose the best gray color for your room, consider natural lighting and furnishings. You can also combine gray with white. The combination of these two colors is the best color combination that can get rid of the “gloomy” impression of a changing room with warmth. Blue is often identified with the color of men because it symbolizes breadth and freedom. However, now the blue color can also make the room look beautiful and give a feminine side to space. There are three color derivatives of blue that you can apply to the interior of the house, namely cotton blue, blue layers, and navy blue.

Cotton blue is a soft color, impressing clean, and relaxing. suitable combined with gray. Meanwhile, the blue and navy layers exude strength and confidence. Suitable for use in the family room or bedroom. The green color represents the color of nature, freshness, relaxation, natural, cool, and calming. This year, several green colors are trending, namely Olive green and greenery. Olive green color like army green color but softer. Olive green makes the room look more modern and soft. Meanwhile, greenery is a lighter green color. This color brings a fresh and bright feel to the room. Did you know that color can have an impact on the atmosphere of the room and also life? This is because color can have a direct effect on our emotional state.

One of the strongest colors is yellow. This color describes a cheerful and optimistic atmosphere like the sun. Yellow describes a feeling of happiness, not only that, but yellow can also change the atmosphere of the house to be positive and cheerful. The yellow color itself in the wall paint has various variants including Amber, Saffron, Flax, Citrine, Lemon, Jasmine, and Goldenrod. The family room and living room are places commonly used to welcome friends and family visiting the house. This room needs a warm and open first impression in welcoming guests. Applying yellow in this room is a great choice because it can give a positive feeling.

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